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or 4x $99.75


or 4 payments of $99.75


Ask Alexa

Stay in charge—and capture essential details—without taking your hands off the wheel.

Amazon Alexa built-in

Be hands-free

Ask Alexa to get directions, play your tunes, check the weather, control smart home devices, find parking — and even control your Dash Cam


2.5" HD IPS Touch Screen

Touching is believing

The 422GW’s 2.5-inch HD IPS Touch Screen makes menu selection, playback, and file-sharing easier than ever before.

1440P HD recording

Grab every detail

The 422GW records in stunning 1440p HD at 30fps and an improved 6G glass lens, so you can capture essential details like road signs and number plates.

*An SD card designed for Dash Cam use is recommended with this model.

Emergency SOS response

Get help in an emergency

In an accident, Emergency SOS tells emergency services where you are, so they can get to you quickly. You can even pre-save data to share with emergency responders like blood type, allergies, and medical history.

Protected even when parked

With Intelligent Parking, your Dash Cam will start recording when someone bumps your car.

Click&Go PRO GPS Mount

Easy to attach

The exclusive Click&Go PRO GPS mount uses high-strength magnets, instantly linking the mount's power source to the Dash Cam.


Easy to connect

With QuickLink Wi-Fi and the MyNextbase Connect app, you can easily download and share footage to your smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Share video seamlessly

Select interesting videos to share to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Plus your Dash Cam will automatically send crashes to your smartphone.*

*Minimum phone requirements are Bluetooth version 4.2, Android 8 or above and iOS 13 or above


Record speed & location accurately

Improved 10Hz GPS with the aid of Google Maps accurately records speed and location data.

Discover our rear-view cameras & accessories

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Our most popular option, Pair it with your Dash Cam to create a front and rear dash cam and know you have all the angles covered.

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This camera connects directly to your Dash Cam and records the rear view of your journey, so if there's a rear impact, you'll be covered.

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Capture vehicles beside you as well as your passengers for a complete view of everything that happends inside and around your car.

  • Capture more with 64GB U3 microsd card

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Learn more about the 422GW

At the top of the dash cam food chain at the moment

Computer Bild Testsieger - Nextbase 422GW

The 422GW is packed with features

The 422GW is packed with features

Dash Cam Essentials

What’s in the box


Intelligent Parking Mode

Emergency Response



Touch Screen

GPS Tracking

Click &Go Pro Mount

G Sensor

Wide Viewing Angle

Enhanced Night Vision

Auto Sync

Loop Recording

Wide Dynamic Range

Dash Cam Essentials

What’s in the box


Intelligent Parking Mode

Emergency Response



Touch Screen

GPS Tracking

Click &Go Pro Mount

G Sensor

Wide Viewing Angle

Enhanced Night Vision

Auto Sync

Loop Recording

Wide Dynamic Range

422gw side view
422gw front view
422gw back view

At a glance



The Nextbase 422GW is a superior 2K Dash Cam

Your 422GW Dash Cam records in an impressive 1140p HD at 30fps resulting in superior image quality akin to high-tech TVs, cameras and more. With an advanced colour range and contrast, your image and video quality are guaranteed when you choose the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam.
Ultimate Dash Cam
4K Road Footage
When a Rear Cam is attached

All round protection with a rear cam attached

Even when another module is attached like a rear camera, the 422GW ash Cam has 2k quality. Your Nextbase Rear Camera Module will record in 1440p full HD giving you exceptional quality in two directions for greater detail and protection.

Emergency Response

The Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam can notify emergency services if something goes wrong

If something goes wrong and you’re unresponsive, the Nextbase Emergency SOS on the 422GW Dash Cam can contact Emergency Services with your approved details and location. Emergency Services will be sent to your aid without having to rely on other drivers.
If an incident is detected, the Emergency SOS will send an alert. If it’s not cancelled, the connected phone will enter “beacon” mode sending an emergency alert.
Emergency SOS Alert

There for when you need it

The 422GW Dash Cam’s Emergency SOS’s anti-false-positive process guarantees your dash cam is there when you need it. In the event you’re unresponsive or need help, an alert is sent out containing vital information like medical history and allergies.
Master Process
Why is it useful?

The support you need when you need it

Rather than relying on other drivers, if you’re involved in an accident, help can be sent to you. Perfect for driving on unfamiliar or rural roads. You can easily cancel the alert as well if you don’t need assistance - just use the 422GW Dash Cam or your phone.

Touch Screen  

More screen with complete control

The 422GW Dash Cam utilises touchscreen technology to maximise the screen showing you more directly on your dash cam. Playback your video, adjust the settings and more in a couple of easy taps.
Touch screen
Easy Selection

Edit on screen

As you can see more, this lets you edit your footage on your 422 Dash Cam, perfect for quickly sharing without connecting to your phone or computer.


Wirelessly connect to your 422GW

Wi-Fi allows you to connect directly with your dash cam to download footage for simple sharing with friends and family, the police, an insurance company or social media. Use the MyNextbase Connect App to store footage and ensure everything is easy to find.
Share video and photo files directly

Check and edit your footage

The 422GW Dash Cam’s WiFi lets you connect and quickly view your video. Edit your footage, compress the file and remove audio before sending a link to the file to anyone who needs it, perfect for insurance claims.

No need to remove your 422GW Dash Cam

Connecting with Wi-Fi means you never have to remove your dash cam from your car. There’s no need to take it out or remove the SD card, just connect wirelessly.
Dash Cam to phone connection
Dual file recording

Dual file recording for convenience

To make your Wi-Fi connection simple, your 422GW Dash Cam records in high and low resolution. This means you can quickly download and send the low-res files with less buffering but have the high-resolution files if you need them.

No data, no problem

Your WiFi connection doesn’t rely on a signal or data, so you can access your footage whenever you need it on your phone or tablet.
Wi-Fi connection

Parking Mode

Your car’s personal guardian when you’re not there

The Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam’s Intelligent Parking Mode records whenever a bump or movement is sensed, helping to protect your car. Perfect for parking in busy car parks or at night, your dash cam acts as our own personal security camera, whether someone is trying to access your car or it’s accidentally bumped.
How does this work?
Turn it 'ON' or 'OFF'

Completely automatic recording

When turned on, whenever you switch off the engine, the Intelligent Parking Mode will activate to record if something goes wrong. The sensitivity of the Nextbase 422GW’s G Force sensor is turned up to activate with the slightest bump.

The Intelligent Parking Mode won’t impact your power

As the Intelligent Parking Mode records for a 30-second interval, there’s no need to worry about your battery being drained. Everything is automated to help protect your car. And in the unfortunate event of your car being bumped twice, the 422 Dash Cam will record again.
G Force Assistance

Enhanced Night Vision

Capture more at night with the 422GW Dash Cam

Your 422GW features the Nextbase Enhanced Night Vision, perfect for picking up finer detail at night. Even in low-light conditions, you’ll be able to record number plates and road signs. Combining the 422GW’s 6-layer f1.3 lens which records in 1440p HD with a superior processor and advanced sensor, you’ll always have quality you can rely on.
The feature for low-light conditions

Wide Viewing Angle

140 Degrees

140 Degrees

Record the road ahead and more with the 422GW Dash Cam’s 140-degree angle

The 422 Dash Cam’s viewing angle has been optimised to capture the road and pavements in front of your vehicle without sacrificing any quality. This lets you see more of those vital details, ideal as evidence for the police or an insurance company without the distortion from a wider angle.
Capture more detail

Loop Recording

Never miss a moment with Loop Recording

Your 422GW Dash Cam utilises Loop Recording, overwriting files on your SD card to ensure everything is recorded. But don’t worry, if you select files or the G Force Sensor is triggered, your files will be protected so they can’t be overwritten, keeping vital videos safe.
What is loop recording on a Dash Cam?
Assorted file segmentation

Find your clips with ease

Your footage is saved in three-minute chunks to make finding your video easier. You can download and send your footage and share with your phone or tablet using your Wi-Fi connection.

Format your SD card for the optimum recording

The 422GW Dash Cam can format its SD card to give you the most storage space. Simply navigate to the settings to do this to ensure you have plenty of space.
Regular SD card formatting is essential
Dash Cam loop recording time

Complete control of your footage

As you can choose your SD card and the size of your files from one, two or three minutes, you have control over the footage that you need. You can also edit the resolution for more space or choose the maximum quality to suit you.

GPS Tracking

Track your speed and location with your 422GW Dash Cam

Your dash cam records your speed and location allowing you to pinpoint vital details. If you’re involved in an incident, there’s no need to rely on your memory, your dash cam is there as your personal witness.
GPS Tracking
Do I need GPS on my Dash Cam?

Automatically keep track of vital details

The GPS on your Nextbase 422 can show you your exact route and accurate speed. In the unfortunate event you’re involved in an incident in an unfamiliar place, you have everything you need to protect yourself.

Ensure you have everything you need for an insurance claim

If you’re going through an insurance claim, the GPS combined with your footage ensures you have everything you need in one place. Access your exact location, speed, time, dates and video footage to ensure every claim is simple.
Your footage is the evidence

Evidence for the police and courts

If an incident involves the police or courts, your 422GW is perfect evidence to support your claim. Although uncommon, if you're in a “crash for cash” scam, you can validate your claim without relying on witnesses - just use your dash cam.

Keep an eye on young and inexperienced drivers

If your child has recently passed their driving test, your 422GW Dash Cam can keep an eye out when you’re not there, showing their speed and location to help keep them safe on the roads.
Useful for young drivers

Click&Go PRO Mount

Install your 422 Dash Cam in seconds

The exclusive Click&Go PRO™ Car Mount used by the Nextbase 422GW utilises magnetic power connectors letting you quickly install and remove your camera with one hand. The neodymium magnets ensure your dash cam is fully charged and secure.
Magnetic Power Mount

Connect wirelessly with your dash cam

The 422GW’s power cable is connected directly into your mount so there’s no need to faff with wires. Just put your camera on the mount for simple charging and a secure fitting.

Wide Dynamic Range

See more in all light conditions with Wide Dynamic Range

The Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam has an advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) helping to capture quality in bright and dark conditions. Your Dash Cam combines multiple images to give you exceptional quality with the most detail.
What is Wide Dynamic Range?
More details

See more with WDR

Say you’re driving at night under bright streetlights, your Nextbase 422 will capture images in different lights and automatically combine them. This ensures you get more detail in your footage, perfect for capturing number plates and street signs.

Record quality at all times

Your 422GW Dash Cam combines your footage automatically to guarantee the best quality and clarity. So whether it’s a bright and sunny day or night, you know you’ll have everything you need in your video.
Multiple frames combined


Control your 422GW Dash Cam with Alexa Voice Control

The Nextbase 422 gives you complete control with your voice. Play music, ask for directions, find a parking space, control the camera and much more whilst focussing on the road.
All the features you love from Alexa Voice Control, on the move
Using your Dash Cam, ask Alexa to play music, read the news, check the weather, control smart home devices and more.

Simply say, “Alexa, play BBC Radio 1” or "Alexa, what will the weather be like in London today?”

Get directions, find parking and more, all while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Ask, "Alexa, how do I get to Manchester?” and turn-by-turn directions will automatically be shown on your smartphone using your chosen map provider.

Talk directly to your Dash Cam with Alexa built-in to use commands such as "start recording", "stop recording", "protect a recording" and "send to my phone".

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Keep your hands on the wheel while using your 422GW Dash Cam

The MyNextbase Skill works with Alexa to give you control of your dash cam with your voice. Give instructions like “take a picture”, “start a recording” and more without lifting a finger, perfect for keeping your attention on the road ahead.
Function What you say

Start recording

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to start recording"

Stop recording

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to stop recording"

Take photo

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to take a photo"

Protect a file

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to take a photo"

Screen saver on

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to turn screen saver on"

Screen saver off

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to turn screen saver off"

Picture-in-picture on (show rear cam)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to show rear cam"

Picture-in-picture on/off (show front cam)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to show front cam"

Speed display on (show speed)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to show speed"

Speed display off (hide speed)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to hide speed"

Enable audio (microphone on)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to enable audio"

Disable audio (microphone off)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to disable audio"

Increase video exposure

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to increase exposure"

Decrease video exposure

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to decrease exposure"

For more details please see Alexa Skills Page

MyNextbase Connect App– Nextbase Dash Cam Control

Simple connection

Simply download the MyNextbase Connect app to activate your Alexa and the full suite of features in no time at all.

Minimum mobile phone requirements







What’s in the box  

What's in the box 422
Box contents:
Click&Go PRO GPS Mount,Power Cable Fitting Tool,Spare 3M Adhesive Pad, USB Cable,Car Power Cable

Auto Sync

Wireless connection to your 422GW Dash Cam

Connect quickly and securely using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to send your videos. There’s no need to remove your camera or the SD card, simply connect to transfer your footage in no time.
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity
Dual file recording

Speed and detail with your dash cam

Your Nextabse 422GW records two files, a low-quality video for quick sharing and a high–quality version letting you download for more detail, perfect for capturing registration plates and street signs.

Control with your phone

Once you’ve transferred your video, you can easily edit and share, ideal for evidence for an insurance claim.
Your phone will automatically connect to the 422GW Dash Cam when you enter the vehicle, so you’re always ready to use Alexa and Emergency SOS.
Once on your phone

Minimum mobile phone requirements








Protect your footage if your vehicle is in an incident

The 422GW Dash Cam will automatically protect your footage if the G-Sensor detects an impact. It will be moved to a folder where it can’t be overwritten, ensuring you have vital footage if you need it.
What is a G-Sensor?
When activated

Peace of mind when you need it

If the G-Sensor is triggered the screen on your 422 Dash Cam will show a padlock to let you know your footage is secure. This means you can focus on the road without worrying about your videos.

Tailor your sensor to your car and driving

If you’re finding the G-Sensor doesn’t suit your driving, you can change the settings to suit you. Reduce sensitivity if it’s triggered too easily by speed bumps, potholes, etc.
Triggered by other conditions
How do I calibrate a Dash Cam G-Sensor?

Access your evidence quickly

If your G-Sensor is triggered, you can review the footage and decide what to do with it. Keep it for an insurance claim or delete it if you no longer need it to free up space.

Setup & install guide

"You have the best Dash Cam in existence"


Computer Bild Testsieger - Nextbase 422GW